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I am using one of the risk register templates provided by Smartsheet and many of the columns "look" set up for automatic processes but there are no formulas existing to actually pull the data to the columns the template suggests. In an effort to solve this gap in function I am trying to write a formula to pull data from two columns and produce a third column.

Column 1 = drop down menu with three choices

Column 2= drop down menu with four choices

In theory I beleived the formula to work would be a nested If function somewhat like this

=IF(AND([Risk Assessment]@row ="Acceptable", [Likelihood]@row = "Improbable") "-1-", IF(AND([Risk Assesment]@row = "Acceptable", [Likelihood]@row = "Possible") "-2-", IF(AND([Risk Assesment]@row = "Acceptable", [Likelihood]@row = "Probable") "-3-"... Continues with all 10 risk options.

and so on and so forth. I get an UNPARSEABLE error when I try to add the AND function aspect so I suspected my error has to do with that integration.


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Mlwatne

    You are missing a comma following the closing of your AND statements.

    =IF(AND([Risk Assessment]@row ="Acceptable", [Likelihood]@row = "Improbable"), "-1-", IF(AND([Risk Assesment]@row = "Acceptable", [Likelihood]@row = "Possible"), "-2-", IF(AND([Risk Assessment]@row = "Acceptable", [Likelihood]@row = "Probable"), "-3-"...


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