Turn Rolling 12 Month report into Rolling 24 Month Report

Using help from a discussion on Smartsheet Community, I have managed to create a rolling 12 month report, using the following formulas

Month: =IF(MONTH(TODAY()) - [M1]$1 < 1, MONTH(TODAY()) + (12 - [M1]$1), MONTH(TODAY()) - [M1]$1)

Year: =IF(MONTH(TODAY()) - [M1]$1 < 1, YEAR(TODAY()) - 1, YEAR(TODAY()))

However, if I wanted to extend this to a 24 month rolling report, how would I re-configure the Month and Year formulas above to be intelligent enough to revert to the correct year, as with the current date being October 2022 - some months in the report will be looking at months in 2020. (I've tried changing YEAR to -2, in Columns M23 and M24 but I am conscious this will need manually changing as time progresses.



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