Cost formula with a multiple select drop down column.


I am having trouble with a cost formula. I am trying to sum the total cost of a certain department. The department is in a multiple select drop down column. They formula will only sum the departments with 1 dept selected and will not pick up the cost if the column has multiple departments. See screenshot below.  

Fire should show $20 but is only showing $10

I have tired the following formals, but they are all coming back incorrect.  

=SUMIFS(Cost:Cost, Department:Department, "Fire")

=SUMIFS(Cost:Cost, Department:Department, AND(FIND("Fire")))

=SUMIFS(Cost:Cost, Department:Department, FIND("Fire", @cell), >0)

=SUMIFS(Cost:Cost, Department:Department, FIND("Fire", Department:Department,))


I am hoping you can help me find the correct formula to use.




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