Formula that sums hours where a single value matches a value in a multi select list AND month


I am working on a formula that calculates hours worked where a member exist in a multi-value list and the month.

The detail is recorded in Run Data Sheet. Each record provided the date of the run, start and end time of the run, hours (difference between time in and time out), multi select list of the members that were on the run and then helper column to identify the month and year.

The second sheet is the time reporting for payroll. Columns: Members and then a column for each month. The goal is to pull the hours from the run report to create the payroll report for the month. I have the members listed in the first column but I am struggling to create the formula to sum the hours from the run record for the individual members.

Formula attempted =SUMIFS(RunSheetHours), HAS(RunSheetMember, MemberPayroll sheet), RunSheetMonth, "1").

Any help is appreciated.



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