help, im stumped! Trying to sum drop down categories into percent complete


Hi all! My department Smartsheet used to be run by someone else, but I am now in charge of it. I do not have the formula knowledge to fix one of the formulas. Any help is hugely appreciated! I am stumped!

Feel free to watch the attached video of me doing my best to walk you through the Smartsheet and problem I am having.

The sheet is set up with columns on the right hand side utilizing the SUM formula to calculate the percentage complete of the drop downs options. The drop downs change their completion color based on the set conditional formatting and the percent is calculated by these completions.

I had to edit the verbiage in one of the drop down options (originally labeled "In the ODBC", now labeled "In the ODBC for MBV"). When I changed this name, the completion percent status went to 0% (assuming bc it is no longer linked to the correct drop down option).

How do I change the formula to calculate the percentage of the new drop down option? It is still trying to calculate the previously used term which is no longer connected to any data.

I have tried rewriting the formula with the new name, but that only leads to error.

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