Overdue, Late Start indicators based on multiple criteria

I am trying to populate indicators if a task is overdue, late start or has a schedule variance based on the below criteria but the formula I have is return unparseable. I think I might need an OR feature?

=IF(AND(TODAY() < Finish@row, [Actual Completion Percentage %]@row < 1), "OD"), IF(AND(TODAY()>Start@row, [Actual Completion Percentage %]@row =0), "LS"), IF(AND(TODAY()<[Baseline Start]@row, [Schedule Variance]@row>=.8), "SV"))

Today < Finish Date and Actual Completion Percentage % is '<1 then the task is OD (Overdue)

and IF Today > Start Date and Actual Completion Percentage % =0, then the task has a LS (Late Start)

IF Today is <Baseline Start, Schedule Variance >= 0.8, the the task has a SV (Schedule Variance)


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