Adding Days to Date but Days Column Includes Text

I'm trying to calculate the end-date for a purchase order.

Columns used in the formula are Start Date, Contract Max Length (Days), and I'm adding an additional 60 to cover a Net 60 payment cycle.

The "Contract Max Length (Days)" column includes a Data Verified text option in the MS Form collecting the data.

I was able to use IFERROR to calculate the total price and it worked: =IFERROR((([Bill Rate]@row * 10) * [Contract Max Length (in days)]@row), ([Bill Rate]@row))

When I use the same IFERROR formula to parenthetically add the values ([Bill Rate]@row + [Contract Max Length (in days)]@row +60), the text is "added" to the date. It doesn't cause an error, but it doesn't create a date. Ex. "10/31/22Direct Hire60"

Any advice on this one?


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