Looking to count the number of times a string of specific text occurs in a column

riouxs ✭✭
edited 10/20/22 in Formulas and Functions

I want to use a count formula to determine the number of times a SKU occurs in an open text column.

Below is the formula for the highlighted cell:


The value I am looking for is 3 because SKU2 appears 2 times in the 3rd row and once in the 2nd row.

Any insights on how to count this?

Many thanks,


  • Brucey
    Brucey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @riouxs

    I think the issue here is that you have several data points in your third row. The formula is counting whether it is present or not - not how many times per cell.

    The formula would work better if you made sure each cell/ row contained one data set.

    The above would work if you had one data set per cell and used : =COUNTIF(SKU1:SKU9, "SKU2")

    Although there might be a more clever way of doing it - I have attempted using multiple select dropdown columns but it still only counts one per cell.


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