Join Column1 with corresponding Column2, 3, 4, OR 5


Hello - I am looking for help with joining the Department column with its corresponding Sub Dept column. The Sub Dept columns were split out by Department to be able to use logic on a form.

For example, if the Marketing Department is selected, only show MKT Sub Departments as available selections on the form. I'd like the Department and Sub Department to be combined in the "Dept & Sub Dept" column. So, Marketing - B2B Marketing.

I am currently using this formula, but I'm receiving an 'incorrect argument' error.

=JOIN(COLLECT(Department@row:[MKT Sub Dept]@row, Department@row:[Build Sub Dept]@row, Department@row:[Sales Sub Dept]@row, Department@row:[GA Sub Dept]@row, " - "))

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!


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