Nested Ifs that output VLookup results.

Hi folks, Back again.

I have a Pricing Tier dropdown that has three options. "Tier 1 - Small", "Tier 2 - Med", "Tier 3 - Large"

I now have a separate cell that needs to have a formula that checks the value in that pricing tier cell and based on a match, it pulls the output of a VLOOKUP. I can get it to work singularly, but anytime I attempt the nest all 3 together into one formula I break it. I'm not great with If/And/Ors.

The three singular formulas are below

=IF($[Pricing Tier]@row = "Tier 1 - Small", VLOOKUP($[Pricing Season]@row, {Price - VL Range}, 2, false), 0)

=IF($[Pricing Tier]@row = "Tier 2 - Med", VLOOKUP($[Pricing Season]@row, {Price - VL Range}, 3, false), 0)

=IF($[Pricing Tier]@row = "Tier 3 - Large", VLOOKUP($[Pricing Season]@row, {Price - VL Range}, 4, false), 0)

(Oh, and I need it to be Column formula compatible, or I'd be using index/collect which was a lot easier to deal with)


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