Enough is Enough - LGBT+ Rights Non-profit Organisation

kowal Overachievers Alumni
edited 10/24/22 in Sponsor X

I am supporting in my free time the Berlin based Non-profit Organisation called Enough is Enough!

They are fighting for human rights in not so progressive countries like Poland, Russia etc.

One of the Campaigns we run together was "We are not Ideology" - this is campaign for Poland where the Polish Government officially stated that LGBT+ People are Ideology -

So I helped them in 4 ways:

  • I used my PM skills to run the project for (with) them and give them the best practices of Project Management & Teach them on how to run projects.
  • I used my connections to connect stakeholders from Poland and Berlin to run this project together & to raise the money needed for this campaign.
  • I used the best tool available on the market to run this project with them: Smartsheet :) I created accounts for them in our Smartsheet account and using the Smartsheet knowledge created basic PM stuff like minutes tracker, stakeholders tracker, risks and put everything on the dashboard and let them do the rest ;)


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