IF Statement with IN list

Column A = Grid Task Status

Column B = SCSM Task Status

pseudo code:

If column A = column B then "No Action Needed"

If Column A in ("On Hold", "Awaiting External Resources", "In Progress", "Implementation", "Testing) AND Column B = "In Progress" then "No Action Needed"

Otherwise "Review Needed"


So, I have tried:

=IF([column a]@row = [column b]@row, "No Action Needed", IF(OR(AND([column a]@row = "On Hold", [column b]@row = "In Progress"), AND([column a]@row = "Testing", [column b]@row = "In Progress"), AND([column a]@row = "Awaiting External Resources", [column b]@row = "In Progress"), AND([column a]@row = "Implementation", [column b]@row = "In Progress")), "No Action Needed"))

Which gives me an #Invalid Operation with no further information.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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  • Ryan Sides
    Ryan Sides ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @JHuber77 ,

    You can use the AND function and the OR function together to test for your different scenarios...

    =IF(AND([SCSM Task Status]@row = "In Progress", OR([Grid Task Status]@row = "On Hold", [Grid Task Status]@row = "Awaiting External Resources", [Grid Task Status]@row = "In Progress", [Grid Task Status]@row = "Implementation", [Grid Task Status]@row = "Testing")), "No Action Needed")

    Does that show what you were looking for?


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