Truncate currency data labels on dashboard widgets?

Hello everyone,

I have a dashboard where monthly financial and fundraising info is displayed in line charts. The time frame displayed is a calendar year, so for the first few months of the year the chart is fine. After a few months however, the data labels - some for 7- and 8- figure amounts - start overlapping one another. Based on what the audience wants to see, I cannot just show a rolling window of 3-4 months instead. Is there a way to set a line graph widget so that instead of showing the full dollar amount (ex. $3,123,456) it shows a truncated version (ex. $3.1M)? I'm doubting this exists, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong. 😊 Otherwise, my options appear to be to either (1) widen the line graph to accommodate long data labels, or (2) not display the data labels.




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