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Claire LD Schulz
Claire LD Schulz ✭✭✭
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Hello Community,

I am pretty stumped on this one; I want to count the number of rows (projects) that are in and out of compliance for their status reporting ("Status Date") based on their project stage ("Project Stage") as different items in the Sheet Summary.

Currently, "Project Stage" has multiple possible stages, but I'm just looking to count items that are "Execution". And, as we're in process of launching this master project list, the "Status Date" column currently contains both dates and words though is set as a date column (could this be the problem?).

I think I have the formula working for the in compliance reporting: =COUNTIFS([Project Stage]:[Project Stage], "Execution", [Status Date]:[Status Date], >=TODAY(-7))

But I can't seem to get the out of compliance formula to work (not getting expected result). I currently have it as: =COUNTIFS([Project Stage]:[Project Stage], "Execution", [Status Date]:[Status Date], <TODAY(-7))

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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