My favorite organization - Second Chance Farm

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The animals we take in are often deaf and/or blind while some have other challenges. We are devoted to giving Second Chances to those that may otherwise be overlooked.

Many of our animals become eligible for adoption. Those who cannot, stay at the farm and live out their lives with dignity, respect, grace, and love with their farm family. As we say here at Second Chance Farm, we are Re-Defining Normal.

Sandi and her team are incredible. They go above and beyond to help the animals that come to them. They will even fight for animals that have been abused and the abusers are capture. I have been following Samonsite's story since he arrived and his resilience is amazing. Animals have such a capacity for love and forgiveness.

It is hard to not become attached to the dogs they rescue even through Facebook and Instagram. When they cross over the rainbow bridge it affects everyone.

I haven't been able to adopt a dog from them yet. My dream is that I can next year.

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