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I'd like help figuring out a way to pull data from individual project sheets into a master sheet.

Here is my challenge. This is what the project sheet looks like.

It is a single sheet per project that has various stages and ranking data that is summarized in the top few rows. The end date is also something I need to pull, but that will be easier once I get the other question answered.

This sheet only has the project name in the title at the moment and what I need to pull is the Cool Score and Risk Score in rows 5-6 in the score column and the Stage which is in the Primary column shown in yellow here.

The master sheet where I want to pull this information looks like this:

Based on the Project name column, how can I pull the Cool factor and Risk factor from each of the separate project sheets shown above.

I appreciate any help!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Andrea Westrich

    One option would be to use cell-links and create individual links into each project.

    However what I would personally do in this instance is set up Sheet Summary fields in the Project sheet template. You can have these Summary Fields contain the score, and set up a Sheet Summary Report looking across all of your projects.

    The Sheet Summary Report will essentially create the exact same view as your secondary sheet! See: Sheet Summary Reports

    If you always store the Project Sheets in the same Workspace, you could reference the Workspace as the source for the Report - this way newly created sheets will automatically be included. (Working with source sheets in reports)



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