Are there any Bridge SharePoint videos?

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I am imagining some very cool things I could do if I just had a little boost with Bridge and SharePoint. I would very much like to automate Get List and Get List Items to put SharePoint document library metadata in DataTable or even just a sheet, in order to dashboard on the state of that document library and automate notifications and other fun stuff.

Has anyone done this and would you be willing to share a video?

I have done it ham-handedly via Flow or Power Automate, which I would be willing to share. But I don't recommend it because there are many pieces to duplicate per list or library. It would be much more efficient if there was just one or two configurations to maintain (the library, Bridge, a datatable, and a dashboard vs. the library, a flow, a csv, a datashuttle, a datatable, a sheet, datamesh, and a dashboard)



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @uwft

    I don't have any examples of using Bridge to connect with SharePoint, but I'm very interested in your ideas! I'm following this thread to see if other members have suggestions or neat solutions that they've built.



  • earl_bennett
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    Sounds like I'm at the same point you are. I've done Smartsheet to Smartsheet Bridge Integrations, but still waiting for my IT Security team to approve the Bridge integration to SharePoint, so I can start playing around with pulling and updating SharePoint list data.

    If I get something working before you I'll reach out.

  • uwft
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    Thanks, @earl_bennett -

    I think my connection is OK but I'm having trouble figuring out the format expected for IDs.

    I get errors in bridge like

    • failed to execute extension module : Provided identifier is malformed - id is not valid
    • failed to execute extension module : Resource not found for the segment 'XYZ'.

    The second one sounds like I'm on the right track but I've tried the list id names, the alphanumeric list ids, slash, no slash, :root. There are no examples or reference in the tooltips, so I don't know what format I'm expected to enter.

    Maybe I'm not connected either?

  • uwft
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    After a lot of trial and error I will share that the IDs required for SharePoint integration are those found in Graph Explorer (I'm not sure another way to get them).

    Site ID field value should be two comma-separated alphanumeric strings

    List ID or Drive ID (for document libraries) should be the single alphanumeric string out of graph explorer

  • earl_bennett
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    My security team is finally allowing Bridge to access SharePoint, but I'm having a heck of a time finding the correct Site and List id. What I have found comes up with a site id that look like this...

    ...using these instructions.

    List Id is easy: Go to a list, switch to classic mode, Click Library->Edit Library – your id is in the URL between %7B abd %7D (%7D is at the end of the url most likely). Those % items represent { and } respectively

    Site ID: If your site is https// then add _api/site/id into a new tab in your browser and press enter. Your answer should be there. (Your browser will do a GET to the REST import will do a simple GET to the sharepoint get the site ID using REST)

    ...,but getting this error failed to execute extension module : Requested site could not be found

  • earl_bennett
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    I found a way to let Bridge tell me what the Site and List ID's are.....

    I added Find List By Name to the workflow. When I got that set - the SiteID and ListID are exposed. I copied the Data Reference for both and used them when setting up Get List Items.

    Unfortunately for me, my intention was to bring back all Time Card entries, but it's only bringing back items associated with me for some reason. The goal was to align time spent on projects in Smartsheet with time entered on the Time Tracker.

    Hope this helps you.

  • Cory Strischek
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    @earl_bennett - nice sleuthing! I think I did something similar to find Site ID through MS Graph v1.

    1. look up the sites in the tenant
    2. use that to find my site id
    3. list the libraries in the site
    4. etc.

    Now I need to something similar to what would be a flow Select to Create a CSV based on the Document Library items as if it were a list.

  • TT 314
    TT 314 ✭✭

    If Smartsheet would dedicate half as much money to providing adequate documentation of their software as they do for its marketing, it might actually be worth something

  • Cory Strischek
    Cory Strischek ✭✭✭✭

    I find Smartsheet very valuable as-is, but a few (more) bridge use case tutorials would go a long way to invest me in this tool.

  • TT 314
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    I can't share your enthusiasm. the bridge to Smartsheet is now over 1 year old, still no videos, little help, most of the time it fails, difficult to handle, no good error checking.

    I would say it is a piece of crap

  • Where is the Bridge Training? In the little bit of documentation that exists - it sends you Smartsheet University and then there are 0 results when you search for Bridge... when is it coming? I'm trying to figure out how to utilize this.

  • Hi @isabonita! The previous Smartsheet University training that was available for Bridge is undergoing construction and should be relaunched in the new year. If you have questions on Bridge at the moment, I'd recommend reaching out to your Customer Success Manager and we have some pilot programs that they should be able to connect you with for some additional assistance!

    Danielle W.

    Product Marketing