Formula in an Automation Condition


Is it possible to create a formula to automatically enter into a specified cell given certain criteria though an automation workflow?

EX: If Column A:1 Says "Hourly" Then Column B:1 is a SUMIF formula


Is it possible to copy data from another cell in an automation workflow.

EX: If Column A:1 Says "Hourly", Then Copy data from Column C:1 into Column D:1


  • Dale Murphy
    Dale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @McAfee Electric Mgr

    If in column B you nest your SUMIF formula in an IF statement that checks the contents of column A, you should accomplish your objective: =IF([column a]@row = "Hourly", (SUMIF({whatever you are summing})), "")

    "Is it possible to copy data from another cell in an automation workflow?" No, not directly by a workflow. (At least, that action isn't on the list of workflow actions I work with.)


  • McAfee Electric Mgr

    HI Dale! I do currently use the sumif formula in the cell, but the formula could vary based on the information in Cell A. That's why I am looking for an automation. There is room for error in trying to input different formulas based on different data. If I could set up an automation where If cell A says one thing, this formula is automatically entered, but if Cell A says something else, then this formula is automatically entered.

    For Instance. I have different employees on different pay types. Some are paid by the hour, some are paid a salary, some are paid different amounts based on the job they are doing, and they could be assigned to different jobs at different pay rates in a week. So, I need different formulas to calculate their rate of pay based on that information. Its pretty complicated and again subject to error unless I could set up an automation based on certain criteria.

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