Dependency duration not displaying correctly. Start-to-Finish Issue.

edited 11/08/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi, I'm using dependencies to create timelines for projects where I type in a launch date and then all the previous rows fill in accordingly as a work back schedule. This feature used to work great, but I noticed last week that now if I have a duration of 1 day, my start and end dates span 2 days instead of 1. I set my project to 8 hour work days. When I type in the launch date, that shows the way I would expect, as the date from 8:00 AM - 4:59 PM on the same day, but then the next row referencing that date will start 5:00 PM 2 days previous and then end the following day at 4:59 PM. I know this because I put in a formula that gathers the dates and reflects the times back. Is there anything I can do so the previous row reflects a normal work day instead of the 2 days it shows in my pic below?