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Cory Rubino
Cory Rubino ✭✭
edited 11/09/22 in Formulas and Functions

For whatever reason, when a new task is added into a row, it is not always populating the correct person that is entering the new task. Is there any way to force it to the correct person?

I created the sheet and it is mostly populating my name as the person creating the task. We are creating a new sheet for each project that we are working on and there may be multiple people that need to create and run with a task from the beginning within a project.


  • Dale Murphy
    Dale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Cory Rubino How are these rows being added? Is someone directly in a sheet, or are you using a form?

    If you use a form, and require users to be logged into SmartSheet to use the form, you should be able to capture their contact info.

    (Regardless, I recommend another contact type column other than "Created By" be used to indicated who is assigned to or responsible for a task. Then those assignments can be managed.)


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