SumIf function with dates not working (and I review already a few previous Q&A of this community)



I'm completely stuck with a simple SUMIF with DATE formula. I checked already the column types, they are set as date and the column I want to sum as text/value.

I tried this formula

=SUMIF([WS1 Date]:[WS1 Date]; MONTH(@cell) = 8; [WS1 Attended]:[WS1 Attended])

it gives me #INVALID DATA TYPE

I also tried this =SUMIF([WS1 Date]:[WS1 Date]; AND(@cell >= DATE(2022; 8; 1); @cell <= DATE(2022; 8; 31)); [WS1 Attended]:[WS1 Attended])

this gives me 0 as result while I should have results.

Could it be that it's because the dates refers in my data column are based on a formula to get the information from another sheet?

=JOIN(COLLECT({01. Delivery Tracker Range 3}; {01. Delivery Tracker Range 2}; $[Primary Column]@row; {01. Delivery Tracker Range 4}; "virtual workshop 1"))

thanks in advance for your help!! 😊


  • Shubham
    Shubham ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Aurélie M.

    I hope you are doing well

    As I understand, you want to sum WS1 Attended based on Month “8”. If this is your requirement so please use this formula it may help you.

    =SUMIF(MONTH:MONTH, 8, [WS1 Attended]:[WS1 Attended])


    I hope this will help you, Have a Good Day.


    Shubham Umale, Smartsheet Engineer, Ignatiuz Software

  • Aurélie M.

    Thanks @Shubham, and sorry for my delayed reply...

    Unfortunately it's not working. When I use your formula it gives me #UNPARSEABLE.

    As said, the values I want to sum are collected from another sheet, which uses the formula =VALUE(COUNTIFS({Attendance Sheet Range 2}; [Primary Column]@row; {Attendance Sheet Range 3}; "Attended"))

    Any idea?

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