How to revert back to old home screen?

SS pushed the new home tab and we lost all the notifications and requests on home screen. THAT was very useful. Now it's clumped together under notifications and

  • First it's an additional click
  • second its showing me requests I'm not supposed to take any action on

How can one revert back to old home screen? Also wondering how to sign up for user testing/research that smartsheet does (if)?


  • same. this update is unwelcome and is not useful in any way. it "surfaces" things that already were already there, and the update requests, proofs and approvals, which are the heart of our workflow, are now buried, and we lost the functionality to sort requests, and we can only see the incoming ones in the notifications, not the ones we've sent. this is a very disruptive change, for zero benefit. there is not one single benefit to it. yes, i can see 20 suggested sheets instead of 10, but smartsheet could have done that without taking anything else away. and i don't create new sheets so often as to need that to take up a tile's worth of space. i need my WORKFLOW. i need the old screen back.