Disable Dependencies - Use weighed Formula on % Complete

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I am wondering if something could possibly tell me what is wrong with the following. I need to disable dependencies on my Network Project Plan. I met with the pro desk, and we test using the following formula and helper column. It appeared to be working but I think we might have tested it with dependencies still enabled.

I am using the Percent Complete Helper formula and I created a % New Percent Column and used the =IFERROR(AVGW formula below but once I disabled the dependencies it doesn't roll up to the parent rows a weighed % complete.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Lori Khoury

    It looks like your formula is outputting 0 because of the IFERROR function wrapped around it. When you take away the IFERROR, and just do the AVGW, what is the error you're receiving?

    If you see a "Divide by 0" error, this means that some of the Child rows below may not have a Duration, which then would roll up into an error. Keep in mind that since you have multiple levels of hierarchy, if one of your Parent level returns an error, then this will bubble up to any parent rows looking at it as well:

    Since my duration cells are empty, my Child 3 with the weighted formula is an error - this means that the Project level Parent also errors, which causes the overall, top-level to error.

    As soon as I have values in the duration cells and in the % Complete cells, the formulas calculate correctly:

    If the % Complete is blank for all the Child Rows, I get the same error, which again, bubbles up through all my related Parents:

    This is because the CHILDREN() part of your formula will = 0.

    Is it possible you have a section in your sheet with either blank durations or blank % Complete cells?

    I hope this helps!


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