Looking for help in getting a cell in a sheet to read "" or "TBD" instead of "#Invalid Data Type"


I'm using a sheet to consolidate the status and dates of several projects into a easy to read report. For several of my project sheets, I have a cell which will be reading "#Invalid Data Type" until all of the dates are added to their respected sheets and the formula can pull.

What I'm hoping is that there is a way that I can put in a formula in my master sheet that will show "" or "TBD" until the #Invalid Data Type changes into the actual date.

See below screenshot for example of issue I'm running into. In the 1st Guest Check-in (Current Date Column) when the linked sheet is filled out it will present a date, but until it's fully filled in, it shows "#INVALID DATA TYPE".

Hopefully someone is able to help with an easy formula that I can put in for this.



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