Copy Rows automation isn't working how I want

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I am new to Smartsheet and so far I am loving it. However, as with learning anything new, I am running into some blocks that I need guidance with.

I created a portal where a "claim" can be submitted. I have the sheet setup to pull in up to 15 items. However, the claims dept wants a sheet that cascades the items per claim rather than listing the items from left to right.

How it is:

How I want it to be:

So the steps are that a customer will submit a claim to the main sheet. From there, I have a sheet(s) that does an Index formula to pull in certain fields.

Whats cool about this formula is that Claim number to Modified at updates as soon as a new claim is submitted. I first set the automation to "run" when the Claim Number changes, but that didnt work so I have more parameters setup to run.

I also have it setup to run when rows are added or changed. However, this is causing some duplication with the claim items.

Now the automation works if I drag the formula down and add more rows, but then the claims get duplicated which will not work.

What I am trying to achieve is when the claim number changes, then the automation occurs and copies to the correct sheet for each item that is on a claim. I feel like I am almost there but am missing something. Any assistance would be appreciated!


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