Join/Collect Multiple Columns to One Cell WITH Column Name


I'm trying to combine data from multiple columns across a row into one cell in that row that I can zap to another program. I'd like for the information from each column to be preceded by the column name. (Example "Column Name: Column 1 Data, Column 2 Name: Column 2 Name: Column 2 Data, etc.)

I've figured out how to collect the data from each column and include a line break between each, but I'm stuck at how to insert the column names that correspond to the data. I have the Column Names in a helper row, row 1.

My working formula:

=JOIN((COLLECT(Program@row:[Time tracker ISBN]@row, Program@row:[Time tracker ISBN]@row, @cell <> "")), CHAR(10))

Is there a way to insert the Column Name (row 1) into the formula?

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