Formula for Current and Past Projects


Hello! We're developing a master project index sheet, dashboard, and reports. We want to showcase summary data on the dashboard for the total # of projects in the current year, upcoming year, and past (any date before the current year) based on the project's Start Date and if the Est. Completion Date (i.e., if it's started in 2022 but won't be completed until 2023, we want the project to be counted for both years). Is there a formula to show this? We'd prefer to use column formulas versus summary data (i.e., create a field for 2022 total, 2023 total, etc.).

Our headers are as follows:

* Project Name

* Est. Completion Date

* Completion Date

* Year

We will likely want to show projects completed by date at some point, too.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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