Populate/Select a Contact (from a list) depending on the value selected in another cell


I have a problem I can't quite solve and I'm not sure if it's just not possible:

I have a 'Responsible' column that is a list of Contacts. I have another column called 'Site' that is a drop down list. Depending on what 'Site' is selected I'd like the corresponding 'Responsible' to be populated.

Example: If Site 'NYC' is selected then the contacts should be 'NYCtech@email.com'. If the SITE is 'ATL' then 'ATLtech@email.com' and so on.

There's 40 sites so rather than making a very long formula I was hoping I'm just missing the obvious answer.

The Contacts are important as I want to setup automation based on the contact to send reminders, update requests etc.




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