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Trying to combine two IF(AND..... formulas in one statement, not getting the correct output. Below is the statement I am using:

=IF([Network Type]@row <> "", IF(AND(Irisview@row = "Y", xPT@row = "Y", [Sev1 / DI]@row = "Y", Brocade@row = "Y", ULM@row = "Y"), "Ready", "Not Started"), IF(AND(Irisview@row = "P", xPT@row = "P", [Sev1 / DI]@row = "P", Brocade@row = "P", ULM@row = "P"), "In Progress", "Not Started")"")

For some reason, the statement works but not the way I want it. It seems that the first IF(AND... is the only one being captured and the second IF(AND... doesn't output the correct response.

I also, need to add other IF(AND...statements but so far I started with these two.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Christian

    Your first IF(AND has a value if false statement built in. If the criteria listed in your AND() function isn't met, then the formula will output "Not Started".

    This means that unless the Network Type is blank, the formula won't move on to read your second IF statement. Is that what you wanted?

    If you want it to move to your second statement if the first And statement is false, try removing out the "Not Started" and closing parentheses in the middle, like so:

    =IF([Network Type]@row <> "", IF(AND(Irisview@row = "Y", xPT@row = "Y", [Sev1 / DI]@row = "Y", Brocade@row = "Y", ULM@row = "Y"), "Ready", IF(AND(Irisview@row = "P", xPT@row = "P", [Sev1 / DI]@row = "P", Brocade@row = "P", ULM@row = "P"), "In Progress", "Not Started"))"")



  • Cristian
    Cristian ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks so much for this information. Before reading this post, I was able to figure out my mistake. But still thanks for the information and formula...

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