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Brooke Y
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A non profit that I am passionate about is the EveryLife Foundate. I found out about EveryLife in 2010 after my brother, Erik, was diagnosed with ALS. They provided us resources on what we could do to apply for FDA assistance and gave me a way to give back even after Erik passed. Everylife not only lobbies for legislative change to help the over 30 million Americans with rare diseases, but teaches individuals and smaller non-profits how they can help impact legislative changes. EveryLife empowers people to bring about the change they seek to improve life quality and life expectency for the 1 in 10 afflicted with a rare disease. They provide resources, travel stipends for lobbying, and education for those in need and trying to get treatments and/or cures to the 7,000+ rare diseases that are as of yet untreatable.

About Us - EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases