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Ok so I want to count if the following criterias are met:

BDM Column {cdatBDM}= BDM@row (BDM2)

Date Column {DateCDAT}<= Todate@row (To1)

However, I do not want it to count Category Column {Category} if it says "Portfolio"

I tried the following to no success: -

=COUNTIFS({Category}, NOT({Category} = "Portfolio"), {cdatBDM}, BDM2, {DateCDAT}, <=To1, {DateCDAT}, >=From1)

=COUNTIFS(NOT({Category} = "Portfolio"), {cdatBDM}, BDM2, {DateCDAT}, <=To1, {DateCDAT},>=From1))

Also tried the below, this only counts cells if category column is blank: -

=COUNTIFS({Category}, <>"Portfolio", {cdatBDM}, BDM2, {DateCDAT}, <=To1, {DateCDAT},>=From1))

Thanks 😘


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