KPI/SLA notification/alerts

Deanna Copello
edited 12/01/22 in Formulas and Functions

Hi, I'm trying to establish various kpi interval tracking and notification if out of sla. I'm having a VERY hard time coming up with how this should work.


Received date is 12/1, sla time frame is 12/1 + 2 days = 12/3, however, if received doesn't change to next step, order submitted, i need a notification sent.

Another example:

Site requires construction, notification date is 12/1, construction sla time is 120 business days, i need that date calculated, then if construction doesn't complete by that date, i need another notification.

basically setting up sla intervals based on my milestone date changes (which currently has an automation to insert the date).

Oh, and not every project goes to construction, so if the construction date is null, then i don't want the notification/alert.

This is the workflow that i need to report on. i will only be using the highest number of days and not the variable:

I hope that makes sense.

Thank you!


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