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Using this formula to produce the table below: =COUNTIFS({Business Area}, $Label@row, {IT Sizing}, [Column2]$19)

The data in the table is accurate, however I want the values in the table to be the hours needed to complete the tasks.

The column name for the hours is called "Est Hours".

If Business area is "Payroll" and "IT Sizing" = "XS" and then multiply the number found by the value in column "Sizing Metric"

What's the best formula to use?

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  • toni.toni601
    toni.toni601 ✭✭✭✭
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    I answered my own question. In case someone else needs to know how to do this, here's the formula I used:

    =SUM([Column2]35 * (COUNTIFS({Imp Group}, $Label@row, {IT Sizing}, [Column2]$29)))

    This formula will multiple the value I have in Column 2 row 35 by the results of my countifs formula.


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