Regarding % Completion Formula

Khanambano ✭✭
edited 12/08/22 in Formulas and Functions

I am having a rather confusing issue. For my sheet referenced below - I am attempting to calculate the percent completion using this formula: =MIN((TODAY() - Start@row) / ([Actual Finish]@row - [Actual Start]@row), 1)

When i insert it in Column 36 below it works.. but when place the same formula in the 5 Complete column the formula doesn't pick up?! what am i doing wrong?

2 part:

I also need help with wrapping the formula in an IF statement: for example, the dates Actual Start Date and Actual Finish Dates are blank - i need it to return 0%. right now I'm getting an error message that says # Divide by zero . not sure how i can work around this. example below

I would be grateful if someone that's more formula savvy can guide me.


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