Copy a cell to another cell for updated numbers


Hello, i want to copy one cell to another cell in the same row every time it updates. I still want to change the values in the cell that the numbers were copied to so it cant have a formula in that cell.


cell 14 Linked cell from another sheet - QTY= 50 (updates to 48)

-Copy/paste automatically to

Cell 15 - count was 56 (switched to 48 from Cell 14 being updated)

Cell 15 i want to update manually as well but i dont want cell 14 to change to a different number if i update cell 15. Cell 15 went down to 48 i update it to 50 manually i dont want cell 14 to update to 50 i want it to stay at 48 almost like a one way street.

Is there a formula or automation that can make this happen?


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