Vlookup Formula to reference sheet of multiple drop down values.

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In each sheet I've created, I also created a workflow that will copy the days tasks for my team into another sheet. I then created a "metrics" sheet to count how many times a particular team has tasks assigned to it for that day.

I'm having issues with this formula and was hoping to have some help in the reference section.

=COUNTIF({Daily Tasks Range 8}, CONTAINS(VLOOKUP([Primary Column]@row, [Responsible]@column, 10, false) @cell))

That is the current formula I'm trying to use.

That is where the formula lives.

It is trying to reference this sheet.

I need the responsible column to be referenced here and counted in the "metric" sheet in the first image.

My idea for this came from this page: https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/81470/count-how-many-times-a-multi-select-value-was-selected-in-a-cell-range-or-column#latest

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  • Stacy Meadows
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    Do not think that will work as it needs to be the same type of column which it is not as you cannot do that on a primary column...

    I would suggest

    Account =COUNTIFS({Responsible}, FIND("Account", @cell) > 0)

    PM =COUNTIFS({Responsible}, FIND("PM", @cell) > 0)

    Client =COUNTIFS({Responsible}, FIND("Client",@cell) > 0)

    the {{Responsible}} range just needs to be the responsible column and so forth if I have understood correctly :)


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