Is there a way to set a constraint on a task's Start Date that can override a predecessor?

AlexC ✭✭
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We have migrated a fairly complex plan from MS Project to Smartsheet and have been able to line up most of our dates. However, when Predecessors finish early on a task, the start date is impacted, as expected. In MS Project we can use constraints to say the next task cannot start early even if its predecessors end early. Is there a way to do something like this in Smartsheet?


The highlighted task starts on June 2, as dictated by the predecessors and lead time.

MS Project:

The same highlighted task starts on July 17 because even though the predecessors dictate it should start on June 2, there is a constraint in place to not allow it to start until at least July 17.

This is important because these tasks cannot start early but their relationship must remain if the predecessors push the next task out beyond July 17. At that point, the predecessor date would be used to calculate the task's new Start Date.



  • Ray Lindstrom
    Ray Lindstrom ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 12/09/22

    Hi @AlexC,

    Unfortunately Smartsheet does not have a Constraint Date feature yet.

    I use Target Start Date and Target End Date columns, and my predecessors/dependencies are associated with that.

    Then I use Actual Start Date and Actual End Date columns to reflect when the work "actually" takes place.

    This way when work commences on one task, it doesn't push forward the successors.

    Just a thought. Might not fit your need, but something to consider.



  • carlos.ramirez

    Good afternoon,

    I am having the exactly same problem that @AlexC

    Have you solved it? I can not believe that Smartsheet does not have this option. As you say, with MS Project is a very basic thing.

    Many tasks depend on previous task, but cant start earlier than a date for many grounds (Not team available, product not supplied...)

    Thanks in advance.

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