Auto adding Cells to one singular Cell when a column is triggered.



I am trying to figure out how to Add cells to another cell when a column is triggered. I have a column of numbers that I need to add to another cell as soon as that row changes to another statuse. For example; The Statues column, when it changes from drafting in progress to drafting completed. I need a cell in that row to automatically add the amount to Service Group/2 cell to get a total amount of drafting work that is completed so far in the footage column.

Yellow is trigger/Blue is the number that needs to be added/Brown is the single cell I need all the footages to add up to once yellow is triggered.


  • Ryan Sides
    Ryan Sides ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @C_Herrell are you looking for a total of all of the Drafting Complete rows? If so, put the following formula in your Service Group Column in row 2

    =SUMIF(Status:Status, "Drafting Complete", Footage:Footage)

    When the Status of your rows gets updated to "Drafting Complete", the Footage will be automatically added to the total in row 2.

    Is that what you were going after?

    Ryan Sides

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