reoccurring weekly task with auto updated due date

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I'd like to set up a reoccurring weekly task.

  • When completed, it would reset the row status from "done" to "ready to work".
  • The due date would auto-advance by one week when the status is reset to "ready to work"
  • NICE TO HAVE: I know from the get- go that some months this task won't occur at all. Can I schedule the task to run weekly, March 1 to June 15, pause and restart Aug 15 to Oct 31, pause etc?



  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi amcclean,

    If with recurrent task you are intending the same row to be autofilled, I don't see an automated way of achieving what you are attempting. However, if the relevant task needs to be filled within the sheet you could potentially set a time based workflow that sends weekly update requests where a specific condition is met: In this case, that condition could be that the value in a 'Status' dropdown column is "ready to work".

    Note that when setting up a time based Workflow you also have the option to set an "end date' where the Workflow should be working until. But you'd need to manually reset it once it stops as there is no automated way of restarting it.

    You can also add an additional action block to update the "Status" column to "done" once the Update Request is completed (you may need to add additional conditions to avoid that the status changes if the Update Request is sent but not completed. See an example below of how this Workflow could look like:

    I hope that this can be of help.



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