Counting Unique Values Based on Request Type.

I am trying to use a COUNTIFS formula to count the total number of unique Request IDs with the Request Type as "Other" on a separate sheet. I keep getting a value of "0" when it should be "2". Any help is appreciated!

The formula I am using is: =COUNTIFS({Completion Updates Range 7}, ="Other", {Completion Updates Range 10}, COUNT(DISTINCT({Completion Updates Range 10})))

Completion Updates Range 7 is the Type of Request column

Completion Updates Range 10 is the Request ID column.

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    Hey @Brett Hughes , You're on the right track. We need to use COUNT DISTINCT COLLECT function combo...

    =COUNT(DISTINCT(COLLECT({Completion Updates Range 10}, {Completion Updates Range 7}, "Other")))

    So this says, count the distinct values of Request ID when Type of Request is Other.

    Here's a related video that might help too.

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