When copying rows from Sheet1 to Sheet2 the Unique ID overlaps the value in the destination

I have a master sheet that holds contracts and a secondary sheet that manages Invoice orders. When a contract is approved a workflow then copies the contract row to the invoice orders as many times as invoice should be produces in the particular contract.

I originally thought of using the auto number column to differentiate one invoice from the rest.

The problem is that since I also use auto number column in the contract sheet and it is a system column the contract sheet ID is the copied to all the invoice orders I create.

Does anybody can think of another solution? or How can I differentiate "n" identical rows created at the same time through a workflow copy command?




  • Darren Mullen
    Darren Mullen ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @compartido.tactic Is there anything unique about the rows that you would be able to concatenate a couple columns to get a unique identifier? Something like.... company name + sales rep + date of invoice + invoice amount?

  • @Darren Mullen thanks for your response all rows are identical at the time of copy... it was autonumber what made them distinct and the formulas then produce invoicing date and other particular data to each invoice order...

    I was thinking if it is possible to get the row ID through a formula so I can produce a differentiator.... does anyone know how to do this?


  • Guys, after many failed attempts to produce an automatic number column in sheet 2 other than the system auto-number column, I figured that I could eliminate the use of the system auto-number column in sheet 1 and calculate the auto-number there based on the project name.

    In this way I can use the system auto-number column on sheet 2 to differentiate each invoice order (since there is no system column on Sheet 1, the copy row automation does not copy row number from Sheet 1).

    Thanks for reading my question and I hope the solution helps somebody.


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