Cell links and cross sheet references breaking

Recently we've had more and more issues with cell links and cross sheet references not updating correctly.

For cell links we're finding that the link breaks, unlinking and re-linking doesn't solve the issue as it just reverts to the incorrect value. A workaround is to un-link the cells, link to a different cell than the desired, save, un-link again, then link to the desired cells.

For cross sheet references we're finding that rather than breaking the values in the cell are alternating between the 'correct' value and a mysterious past value:

We're using data shuttle to pull this data through, the correct data is there but Smartsheet seems to be seeing some other value as well.

This issue has been seen in the past very rarely but over the past few weeks we've seen this issue increasingly and it's affecting the usability of our sheets (the business is very reliant on these).

Has anyone else had the same issue and if so, any potential fixes?


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