I am using two Smartsheets and pulling in information from one sheet to another sheet through an INDEX formula - =INDEX({Live Lesson Reviews (Quality Assurance) Range TPD}, MATCH([Active Teachers]@row, {Live Lesson Reviews (Quality Assurance) Range TN}, 0))

Sheet 1: Live Lesson Reviews (Quality Assurance) contains two ranges - Training or PD Topic (TPD) and Teacher's Name (TN)

Sheet 2 (where the INDEX formula is located): matching the column called "Active Teachers"

The formula works, as you can see from the image above; however, if this teacher is listed in more than one row, it isn't pulling both sets of results. I want it to look for the teacher's name and combine the information on the other sheet under the PD or Training Topic column. Right now, it is only pulling the first one it finds.

Suggestions for joining or combining these results into the one cell?



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