Form inputs data to sheet, create a trigger to use some data to create a form?

Question is a bit vague in the subject. I do hope it is enough for others to search in the case this is possible or even answered.

Scenario: Working on a procurement request process. Users put in a request, based off an item sheet (budget with items listed). Once a specific item number is selected, currently it will populate all the necessary data from the budget sheet over to the requested procurement sheet.

From there, I am attempting to figure a way to create an approval process. First, the users manager must see this request (via form??) and approve or disapprove, then finance if approved, and so on (this process I have figured out with the GREAT help of this site). Can a form be created and sent out for approval? Thoughts? Once approved by one stage, will need to re-create this process for finance.

LASTLY: Again, a form created based off a few inputs from other forms, create basically a mock-up Purchase Order (Form/Report) that can be emailed out to users to complete the purchase process?

I have gone thru some of the templates looking for maybe a bit of a guide to help my brain kick in with an idea, but I have basically already covered alot of what those cover, and some. It is alot of work, but when it is complete, it will be extremely helpful with the workflow and process.

Thoughts or ideas? Anything is possible if coded correctly.


  • Dale Murphy
    Dale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Dharris In SmartSheet vernacular, forms are (only) used to collect input and create rows when submitted.

    I think you should explore Update Request and Approval workflows. They can be triggered from the original input from your users, and send email requests for more information or for approvals.

    You might also use Change a cell value to populate a field based on the content of the form submission. (E.g., a certain type of request always goes to a certain manager.)


  • DHarris
    DHarris ✭✭

    I will look a bit more into the Update Request/Approval workflows again. For the most part, I have about 90% of what those do involved currently. Maybe there is something within those workflows I am missing.

    I am using code to generate the email when an Approver needs to approve needs to pay attention to a request, but they are required to go into the "sheet" to complete the approval. I was hoping to figure out a means of having an "APPROVAL" button they can just click on and it automatically checks off the box required for the next step to be triggered within the workflow I have built.

    Now if I have this ability to provided an "APPROVE or DISAPPROVE button within this email notification I have created, that would be awesome to see.. I just do not see that ability. Hence the reason for creating a form based on sheet data.

    As far as "Purchase Order" information, I guess from what you say above the only option may be to create a PDF template and have the sheet use it to respond with purchasing information?

    Creating API's for data input even?

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