Showing Data in a form from its own sheet


I am attempting to create a sheet and form where the form will pull data directly from the sheet.

IE. I want to create the sheet for a project, populate some information, and then send out a form to several folks for additional input that will feed into the sheet. This sheet/ form will be copied for each new project.

I was able to accomplish this crudely by embedding a form within a Dashboard. Which works, but, to link the form requires a URL. So when I copy the form, say for a new project, it will link back to the original form that I created not the new copied sheet. Every new project I create will need to be manually linked to the new sheet.

Is there a way to do this where when I copy the sheet and form, the links will be maintained to the new sheet? Or an alternate way that I am missing to show data from a sheet in a form?

Attached Screen shots of what I have so far. Feasibility tool pulls pre-populated information from the sheet, the form feeds the same sheet.

Any help is appreciated.