Subtracting Velocity Point(s) Value in row, and in column

I am wanting to create a column in my project workflow that will show how many story points I have remaining for the sprint or release. I have a snap shot of the sheet that shows Checkbox column for Started and Done, a Status column based on checkbox on or off, Velocity(story points) and remaining velocity. Hidden is the Task column to the left of the started checkbox, notes, assigned to, and dates.

Row colors; Dark Gray = Release, Light Gray = Sprint, Blue = overall tasks label, Light Blue and White = Task and subtasks

What I have been trying to work out is how to have the total story points in the Velocity for each main task, in this case 12 in light blue show up in the Remaining velocity column at the same row. Then as a subtask is complete, and the checkbox marked done is checked, the remaining velocity column would count down from the total.

Attempted to use =Velocity@row - SUMIFS(CHILDREN(Velocity@row), CHILDREN(Done@row), 0)

placed in the light blue row in the Remaining velocity column, but that just counted UP.

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  • Hello,

    Have you tried to use the formula with the condition for the Done row to be completed?

    =Velocity@row - SUMIFS(CHILDREN(Velocity@row), CHILDREN(Done@row), Done@row = 1)

    I've tried using it in the Remaining Velocity on the Blue coloumn/Overall task label.

    Using that one, If you have the Checkboxes checked your sum will actually substract the children's values.

    I can share the sheet I have done testing on if you'd like.

  • CDGiggy
    CDGiggy ✭✭
    Answer ✓

    It appears that is the solution I am looking for. Thank you!

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