How to find the value of first non blank in a row?


Red are products in the row

Green are their Sales Year as column

Situation - Sales of different products started in different years.

Brown is manually calculated sales numbers and their sales years

Yellow is the required formula

So that Smartsheet can auto calculate the values of the first non blank cell and give us the sales number and further can give us the year it took place.

Please note that I am able to do it in excel using isblank and then index match match using the following logic

Index(p3:ak3,MATCH((2020+MATCH(FALSE,ISBLANK(P3:AK3),0)),$P$2:$AK$2, 0))

But in Smartsheet i am not able to generate isblank true false array and find apply index match.

If you know then kindly share the correct formula or any alternative would be helpful.




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