how to make a query smartsheet and multiple smartsheets tables to query data for a future automation

First we need to import an Excel spreadsheet into Smartsheet. Along with the data, formatting, calculations and formulas, so that it works correctly. Could anyone help with ideas, help materials?



  • Jeff Reisman
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    Are you asking how to make a Smartsheet grid sheet which looks up values from other Smartsheet grid sheets? If so, that's a pretty open question. Much of the answer to that depends on your particular data and your goals for the lookups.

    Regarding importing from Excel:

    Data comes through pretty well for the most part. Smartsheet asks if you want the first row in the Excel sheet to be used for column names, and let's you pick the Primary Column.

    Formatting is hit-or-miss. A column I shaded grey in Excel came over shaded, but only shaded on blank cells. Text I had changed to red in Excel came over red in Smartsheet, but cells I had formatted to bold did not come over bold. A data column I formatted to be currency came over as currency, but a calculated value I formatted as currency did not import as currency.

    Calculations & formulas: Formulas that are practically the same between Excel and Smartsheet will import. Here I calculate widget qty times widget price:

    However, here where I had to use CONCAT to add FirstName and LastName with a blank space between them, Smartsheet couldn't make it work:

    The Smartsheet formula to do this is easier anyhow:


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    Link: Smartsheet Functions Help Pages Link: Smartsheet Formula Error Messages

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  • LucasNTT
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    Yes, it would basically be making a Smartsheet grid sheet that looks up values ​​from other Smartsheet grid sheets. With a main dashboard that would be a reference for the user to consult the spreadsheet data