Inventory Management System


Hi there,

I'm trying to build an inventory system and could use some help. Our company only supplies a few known items that are allocated by finance, and cost of the products are less of a concern. Our system needs to be geared toward this workflow:

-user completes a form to request a product.

-system checks inventory for what we have in stock.

-system alerts IT to send or order requested item.

-system notifies user when an IT action is taken.

Issue: The standard templates are geared toward dozens of items and product costs. The cells in the templates don't respond well to change or removal. Any ideas or templates to try would be super helpful. Thank you!


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Rahn S.

    This should be pretty simple to set up after some basic training on Forms, Automations, and knowing how to use INDEX/MATCH formulas. I haven't looked through the templates myself because I don't use them. I have run through a lot of the SmartSheet training courses and just create whatever sheets myself that I need.

    Do you have access to training courses?

  • Rahn S.
    Rahn S. ✭✭

    @Mike TV

    Happy New Year, and thanks for the response. I do understand I'll get a better and more customized result by bypassing the templates and just learning the tool. I'm just trying to make sure I don't re-invent a smaller scale tool that's already been established by the platform.