Need a template wich tracksmutliple buildings and multiple spaces in a project


all project have the same 8 subtasks /stages but need to be able to track completion of each building and space in the report does anyone have any suggestions


  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    Sure - I suggest creating identical project plans for each, then pulling all of the project plans into one report.

    If you have a lot of projects, Smartsheet Control Center (SCC) is a great tool for scalability, but you can simply create a copy of the project plan for each project if you don't have SCC.

    I suggest putting the project plans in a workspace or workspaces that you can use as your report source(s). If you pull individual sheets in, you'll have to manually add projects to your report as they're created.

    The Group and Summarize functions in reports can be really helpful too.